The Fourth annual Cowboys and Heroes festival will be held on June Bank Holiday Weekend 2017.   There will be a wedding during the festival for the lucky couple that won this prize last year for themselves and their guests.   Many of the acts for 2017 have been booked and you can see your favourite artists such as Nathan Carter, Mike Denver, Jimmy Buckley and Robert Mizzell.  There will be a great display of American Cars and Trucks as well as demonstrations of line dancing,  Archery, mechanical bull, children’s carnival rides, face painting and of course several Western Horse Riding displays.  See the Cowboys and Heroes website www.cowboysandheroes.ie for further information.

COME  TO  DRUMCOURA  CITY Tel: 07196 45781 or Ron’s Mobile  087 6485830

Enjoy life as it should be with beautiful surroundings of an upspoilt countryside and idyllic lakes.

Drumcoura City has an Equestrian Centre specialising in Western Horse Riding.  It has the largest covered arena in the County, two outdoor arenas, horse riding trails, an archery range, an outdoor tennis court and a jetty for fishing on Drumcoura Lake.

There are beautiful timber frame houses for rent (a few for sale) at Drumcoura.  Many of the houses overlook the scenic Drumcoura Lake or Lough Awaddy.

If you have ever dreamed about riding an American Horse like the ones in the Western films, this is the place for you.    Even beginners will learn western riding with a few lessons.

We have three qualified Riding Instructors at Drumcoura and can cater for beginners to advanced riders.  Ron Weisz (previous Chairman of the Irish Quarter Horse Association for 5 years) and Marlene Rutten both hold level 2 certification from the Western Equestrian Society in conjunction with Horse Sport Ireland and Bob Reader (previously teaching in both the UK and France – Level 7) joined the Drumcoura team in 2016 teaching more advanced riders as well as training Western horses.

Drumcoura is the only approved Western Riding Centre by the Association of Irish Riding Establishments.